About Ronald L. McDonald

ronald mcdonald America is full of great success stories about families of immigrants who have arrived on our shores with nothing more than dreams and ended up leaving their mark on our nation and the world in remarkable ways.

I am proud to be part of a family just like that.

Many kids grow up hoping to follow in the footsteps of their hero, usually a famous athlete or entertainer whom they’ve never even met. God blessed me by allowing me to have my heroes a lot closer — they were my own family and they did remarkable things when they gambled everything to build McDonalds.

Their mark is the McDonald’s “M” now the most recognized corporate symbol in the world, and the world’s largest restaurant chain that bears their name…..Ronald McDonald

Whenever you run into Ronald and ask “How are You Today?” you will get the same positive answer:

Great. I’m above ground, what more could you ask for?

A love of life and a positive attitude surround Ronald wherever he goes.

The same goes for his farewells:

God bless and have a blessed Day.

Ronald acknowledges that there is more to life than just a simple “goodbye” can cover.

Growing up a McDonald

For Ronald, growing up was an adventure every day. His father was involved as a businessman with interests in Florida and Cuba, and his grandmother and mentor was a tenacious small business woman in a time when women didn’t own businesses.

On the other coast, his uncles Richard and Maurice McDonald were busy building the McDonald’s Brothers Burger Bar, which gave birth to the iconic “Golden Arches” and was destined to become the behemoth that is known simply as McDonald’s Hamburgers. Ronald embodies his Scottish-American family’s CAN DO attitude and a work ethic that he still carries today throughout his many business ventures.

Success in Business

Ronald has been a successful restauranteur and restaurant design and operations consultant for dozens of successful concepts. He was an innovator in the “High Quality Heat and Serve,” food manufacturing industry.

On the financial side, Ronald developed Reserve General Escrow in Texas, and operated it for over 25 years. His manufacturing interests were nurtured early on and he had a small boutique fiberglass boat manufacturing company (Cue Craft). Later, he started the Glencoe Oil & Gas oil company in Texas.

Ronald is still very active today and engaged in a number of business enterprises and still thanking God every morning for allowing him to be able to do what he loves.

Ronald is a proponent of American business interests. He has visited over 60 countries in his lifetime as an American businessman.

Political Interests

Ronald served on President George W. Bush’s Business Advisory Counsel, has been honored as “Businessman of the Year.”

On both local and national levels, Ronald has been active in campaigns for decades with the statement:

If you don’t get involved, you have no right to complain.

Social Interests

A member of the prestigious Mensa International organization, Ronald promotes education and exploration of life possibilities whenever he can.

A writer and author, Ronald is also an avid reader, consuming dozens of magazines, books and publications monthly on a wide variety of subjects. He enjoys fishing, gardening and shooting whenever time permits.

A drummer and percussionist, Ronald’s tastes in music are varied, including being an avid opera fan, as well as enjoying classical jazz and Celtic folk music.

Being an award winning Chef, Ronald enjoys food in all manners, from growing his own herbs and vegetables to developing recipes and the preparation of meals.

After his open heart surgery, Ronald couldn’t pilot or fly a plane anymore, losing one of his two great loves, flying. So, being the typical “type A” personality that he is, he became even more active in publishing and updating The Complete Hamburger with 2016 restaurants and new information.